My fishing trip in 2015

Discussion of your salt water fishing, your rig, setups, tackle, technique, etc.
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We usually charter a boat for some bay fishing at least once a year in Galveston. This is our catch from 2015, my wife, me and my SIL went out with our regular guide.



Lots of shark that day, sil caught a 6' reef shark we had to release. These trips are always fun. :grin:

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That reminds me of a time when I guided for Striped Bass here locally. Stripped Bass usually weigh from 20 to 60 pounds. We had a client from Texas that took home over 1700 pounds of fillets of Striper meat.

Nice haul. Vettcop mod from DC lives on the gulf in Waveland Miss. Next time check him out. Great guy .... :thumbsup:

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