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Got plans to rip out that wall, redo the deck, redo that ugly bathroom, etc.?
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Kicking back with brain dump time watching the tele. Realize I'm a strange MOFO because I hate reality tv and prefer to watch NASA's Unexplained Files, Ghost Adventures, ghost Hunters, Paranormal sumpin-or-other. Stranger yet I like watching NSASCAR, F1, IRL (if they'd just get rid of those fuggly cars), NHRA and very few car shows on SPIKE & Velocity....all mostly recorded so I can zoom through the comercials.

I should start brain dumping away from tv's... :lol:

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Join the club brother. i love all motor sports from gocarts to airplane racing. I have been involved in a lot of car racing over the years. I still enjoy the tech side of making it go fast

OH, year, IRL is really really ugly ..... I wish they would get away from ground effects altogether and let the drivers do it the way it was meant to be done.

Do you realize that F1 is actually hybrid technology? Pretty amazing. :thumbsup:

BTW, my favorite form of motor racing is Sprint Cars .... especially World of Outlaws .... 800 HP 90 inch wheel base, 160 MPH on dirt ...... :cool"

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Can I join, too? I absolutely detest reality shows, most are scripted anyway. I too love to watch techie shows, outdoor shows, and racing. Nascar is a hangup of mine. I love the bumper to bumper, door to door style racing. If you ain't rubbing, you ain't racing. F1 and IRL do zero for me, too boring. You may know that I raced dirt track for many years, finally hung it up a few years ago because of my job. But really, the only thing I miss about it is being in the car. The money spent, hours worked, and missed family time with my kids as they were growing up really sucked.

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