lounge jazz?

Don't play an instrument, but you're a devotee of the art? Got a favorite band or artist?
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the first group "kalapana" is from Hawaii, unfortunately the singer/rhythm guitar player
mackey feary hung himself in jail several years back when he got arrested AGAIN for meth
and sent up for ten years....so sad. this one is titled 'black sand'. its older but awesome....
and I actually know the guitar player *DJ pratt*, his mother lives next door to a friend
of mine so I see him every so often.


the next one is a group from japan called "T-square", and this particular track titled
'unexpected lover' is so similar to the first one by kalapana that it almost seems like a
straight cover--but its not. it too is awesome. I guess they followed the same 'recipe'....


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Allright! :thumbsup:

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