GM Vortech 350 CMFI Water Pumps 1996-2001

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We are in the LS Era still and its coming to close I think in the next year or so.

There are many Small Block Chevy guys out there.
Many use Vortech Iron SBC Vortech 350 cylinder heads on there Hotrod budget builds.
The best flowing factory SBC heads ever.
I have a 350 Vortech 5.7 engine in my 1999 Chevy Tahoe.
Looking to replace the water pump before it fails.
I think its original at 241,000 miles now.
Its all China crap for water Pumps.
The AC Delco looks to be the best option but it looks like the Rest online. GMB special repackaged.
No Heavy Duty Hi Flow water pump available.
Hi Flow helps with High Heat during the summertime when its 95-100 F outside.

Just odd.

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