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Policies, expectations, and rules regarding being a productive member of this forum
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If you've just joined Vertical Finger Forums, welcome!
We've created this site as a place to discuss many topics and 'shoot the breeze' among those topics for any who wish to participate. It's a place where you should be able to let it all hang out and vent if you wish,,,let us know how you really feel about something! In order to make all our experiences productive we do have certain rules and guidelines to help keep things civil and friendly. To accomplish these goals there are a few simple rules. Please abide by them and we should all have a good time.

1: Please, no personal attacks or harassment between the members. If you want to discuss something and have a passion about it, great! However, trash-talking, severe language, excessive swearing, name-calling, or boorish behavior will not be tolerated. If you have what amounts to a personal beef with another member, hash it out in a pm. Conversely, if another member is displaying those characteristics towards another member, they will be 'dealt with'. There are many ways to convey discontent with another's viewpoint without resorting to ugly boorish remarks or threats. We have a system of reporting those types of transgressions here and will use them to protect our members from abuse. If you are being abused, you should report the abuser and a mod will look into it and warn the offender if warranted. If the abuse continues after the warnings, based on the severity of the offenses, that user may have their account disabled for a while or permanently.

2: Please, no links to pornography. We want to try to run a clean operation and there are many other sites you can visit or pm others to view or join in to that stuff.

3: Please, no links to other malicious sites. Sometimes this can't be avoided as the links themselves may not be malicious. So if you use some judgement we should be alright. We don't want a virus propagating though our system and getting into our members computers. If you suspect you've made a link to a questionable site, contact a mod and let us know so we can take the appropriate steps.

4: Please, feel free to contribute and help other members if they have a question about a topic you're involved in. There are numerous ways to post links to several prominent web sites in the editor and we will be installing more in the future. These buttons will make it easy to embed videos, audio recordings, or other material to help make your posts more compelling. If there is a major site that allows linking that we don't have a button for, let us know and we'll determine if we can do it if it will expand the function of the forum for our members.

5: Please, if you think you have an idea about a topic we don't have a forum for and would like to see it incorporated, let us know. If you're an expert at it and have proven to be a productive member and would like to mod it, even better. We're always looking to expand the scope of the forum for our members.

6: Above all, please treat the other members here with respect as you would wish to be treated and we should all have a great 'chill' experience. Our mission here isn't to rule over the board and we certainly don't want to resort to 'micro-manage' the forums, and we even encourage getting 'salty' at times. As long as it's kept in the spirit of good fun.

7: If there is something that 'just irks you so' about the site, let us know also. We try to be accommodating to our members as much as we can, because without our members, we have no forum. It's really all about you.

8: Extreme or overly intense threads/posts will be removed. This goes without saying according to the guidelines above.


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