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All done in Soyo, turns out the Angolan's weren't paying their bills so my company said it was time to demobilize from there. Back home in Bakersfield for 5 weeks then I head out again to Angola to a place called Malongo to start a new temporary job - no details yet but I'm figuring it's something to do with power generation or oil industry doings. Culture and language differences made my job very interesting. Now it seems that a very nice but tiny power plant will just sit there and not be used. The folks at the liquified natural gas production plant said they'd send me picks in 6 months to show how much that the jungle has grown in and taken it over.

The company that the Angolan's selected to run the place never took it seriously, my back 2 back and I thought they'd have us leave much sooner. We did accomplish some .... but not enough for them to run the plant on their own. We'd instruct their supervisor in what is expected of the trainees and what is needed to do and what it would take to complete the training. We'd give assignments for learning systems and...... nothing - so go to their supervisor and he didn't care and would say things like "I understand and will talk to the crews" then nothing would change :lol:

So on to the next assignment in 5 weeks.

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