Well, got all the little issues solved..

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New Mishimoto radiator and 16" electric fan solved the high temp problem on the highway. Poor little stock radiator just wasn't up to cooling a V8 at 65mph (2600RPM). And yes, it really does only get 9mpg with the 351/C6/4.10 combo running on 40 inch tires.. :lol:

Bought a 3G alternator from a reputable store (not a box store) and had problems from day 1. It would charge until it got hot, then I was running on the batteries for several miles and rinse/repeat. Took it to a guy who has built many starters and alternators for me, right out of the box is had a flaky voltage regulator and rotor. Now I can hold 13.9-14.2 no problem.

Put in a Smittybilt Sport cage on this one and the wife's 2015.. really stiffened the body up and provides peace of mind. :grin:





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